Shelties groomed by Diana Edwards
These nine-year-old Shelties have changed Diana’s opinion of the breed. They are half-sisters and so sweet. They love getting groomed by Diana. And we love that new dog smell when they come home. We are frequently stopped on our walks by admiring fans and exclamations of “beautiful dogs!”. We adopted them in 2017 to give them a life of fun and pampering in their retirement years. They are a joy!
Abby, Ciara, Kathleen and Dan

Buddy & Daniel Barna

I’m very glad I found Ms. Edwards. She is very flexible with her schedule and does great work. I’m comfortable with her taking care of my dog. Buddy seems to really enjoy his time with her and her dogs. She treats Buddy just like her own and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We could take Buddy to any of these high-end grooming salons but prefer the individual attention and care that he receives here.
Buddy and Daniel Barna

Gus Gus after Winward grooming

My name is Gus Gus and I’ve been coming to see Diana and Windward for most of my life. I come over every week to receive a relaxing bath and massage. Sometimes I get a hair cut and other times I do not. I love coming and seeing all my buddies. Diana lets me relax on the couch and protect the other dogs while reclining on the couch. I love it there. Almost like home.
Gus Gus

Thanks so much for the name of your groomer! I took my goldendoodle to Diana this week, and he got the best haircut he’s ever had!
October, 2014

Buster Herring, a beautiful male Sheltie groomed by Winward Malamutes | Diana Edwards.
Three other groomers tried and failed. My life was miserable until we met Diana. I am finally getting the personalized attention due the Prince of Nottingham. As I prance along on our walks, everyone stops to sing my praises, especially on grooming day. I should have been a show dog. One of the other Shelties in the neighborhood was so impressed that she now goes to Winward, too!
Buster and Kathleen Herring

Note: Sadly, Buster went to his glory on December 1, 2016. We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff at Lap of Love (www.lapoflove.com). I would encourage anyone to use Lap of Love for hospice vet services and say farewell to your sweet companion in the comfort of your home.

Marco and Jen
November 5, 2013
Dear Diana,
How can I thank you enough for caring for Marco so skillfully and attentively? For more than seven years you kept him clean and clipped, and even welcomed him into your home when we were away on vacation. He was so lucky to be able to stay with someone who was a familiar, friendly, expert dog trainer.

I always enjoyed dropping Marco off and picking him up, because it gave me a chance to see how you handled your independent career with energy, enthusiasm, and dedication. All sorts of dogs came through your door, but you did your best for each one of them, from funny little Critter to the most glamorous show dogs.

This may seem like a small thing, but it made a big difference to me—on the day Marco died, he had recently been bathed and groomed by you; so that when I hugged him for the last time, his fur felt soft and he smelled fresh and clean. A final parting is always hard, but the grooming you had done helped me through it by reminding me that you and I, together with the rest of my family, had made sure that Marco was well cared for from puppy-hood, through his adult years, and into his old age.

Many, many, thanks, Diana!
Jennifer Gibson

Jiggs! English Springer Spaniel.
Typically, I bring Diana this madman of a Springer Spaniel who has long feathers that are all tangled, curls on top of his head, ears that are stiff on the ends from too many dips in the water bowl, and nails that I can hear across the house. She returns to me this velvety soft, impossibly white, dog show ready animal, that I just want to kiss! It helps that he loves being groomed, can’t get enough of brushing, blow drying, clipping and any other magic she performs. When a dog hungers for attention like he does, it’s good to give his adoring fans something soft to pet, and Diana does just that.

Oh, best comment of the night was by my husband: “He looks like he just came out of a Springer Spaniel box!”
Jigs and Laura Thake